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12 Reasons Why To Visit Singapore

Singapore is not just the financial hub of South-East Asia, but a beautiful island with an amazingly unique culture. It is a wonderful place to visit with family or friends. You will never find a dull moment while staying in Singapore. Here are our top 12 reasons to visit this small island called the Lion City.

  1. Singapore is well-known for being a safe place and you can find help and guidance when required as the locals are very friendly.
  2. This island city-state has an amazing climate throughout the year. The temperature does not fluctuate very much and averages between 25 to 31 degrees. This is a great bonus as you can plan your visit for any time of the year.
  3. Changi Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports for international travelers and has very modern facilities and has been rated as one of the best airports in the world.
  4. Marina Bay is one of the most wonderful examples of human imagination and creativity. It has numerous different restaurants, swimming pools, museums, and high-end shopping. It is also known for the Marina Bay Sands that has the longest infinity pool in the world. 
  5. There are many wonderful parks and gardens that help the island maintain a balance with nature. Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo and has many attractions for children and adults alike.
  6. It has a rich and diverse artistic culture. The city is a wonderful example of the old and new architecture. The British colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers stand together creating an amazing skyline. Its Architecture boasts of a wonderful amalgamation that is unique to this small country.
  7. Singapore has many galleries and museums depicting a wide array of Art and culture. You can see works of art ranging from heritage pieces to modern art within the sub-continent of Southeast Asia.
  8. There is a varied mix of international food available because Singapore has had many influences over the years. The British occupied this island so English food is a major influence and they also brought laborers from India, Malay Peninsula and even from other small islands and they too brought their spices and cooking styles creating a unique cuisine that is forever popular.
  9. The island is also known for its modern cultural events which happen frequently and you can see bands and other live events at one of the parks around the city and especially near the beach. There is a live light and sound show that takes place twice daily near the bay.
  10. There are amazing options for the children too. Giant slides, water parks, and fun-filled games are easily accessible in many parks which have specially created for the kids.
  11. The island is very progressive and has embraced new Technology with open arms and you will find it is being used everywhere from the parks to trains and people. It has made life very convenient and comfortable for people. Many regional broadcasting channels and financial institutions have their South Asian headquarters in Singapore adding to its monetary power.
  12. It has fantastic nightlife also. Whether you want to relax with a drink or enjoy some rock music with friends or go dancing with your partner- it has everything. The drinking scene and nightlife are completely safe and people can spend time forgetting their worries and to enjoy time with their friends.

Singapore is a place that will last in the memory for a long time. You would want to revisit again and again to explore some new facets. It appears like a small island but packs a lot in that tiny area. The culinary diversity adds to the vibrant culture of this green city. You can walk, use the local buses, trains and taxis and enjoy the green countryside. You would feel the warmth of the people and the city in their welcoming smiles and we are sure that you will come to revisit because the memories captured on digital will draw you back.