Bed and Breakfast Panormus

The bed and breakfast Panormus is the ideal accommodation for those who wish to visit on foot the historical centre of town, given that this B&B is close to the most important monuments in Palermo, like the Cathedral, the Quattro Canti, the Massimo Theatre, the Royal Palace and the most important markets (Ballarò, Vucciria, Capo).
For those who are looking for a strategic accommodation in Palermo, the b&b Panormus is for sure a good choice, because it is well linked from Falcone Borsellino/Punta Raisi airport by a quick and cheap bus service (the name of bus is Prestia & Comandè: it takes 1 hour to reach Palermo old town centre); from the airport of Trapani Birgi the bus of Terravision will arrive near my b&b also; besides it is just 400 mt far from the main railway station and from the underground; the b&b is also very close to the bus stop and it is just 2,5 km far from the port.
Besides this accommodation in Palermo, thanks to the closeness to the main railway station and to the stops of the main coach companies is very convenient also to reach the other towns of Sicily (Monreale, Cefalù, Trapani, Agrigento, Siracusa, Catania...).
  1. Why choose a b&b in Palermo
  2. Why choose the bed and breakfast Panormus?
  3. The Quality of a b&b three stars

Choose to stay in bed and breakfast Palermo 3 star means use the services comparable to those of a good hotel but with the low prices of a b&b and and live an authentic experience, immersed in the culture of the city of Palermo. The concept of "bed and breakfast" has evolved and changed over the years, once the b&b was the extra room of a house, now the travelers' needs have changed and consequently the

services have improved greatly and who decides to stay at the b&b Palermo Panormus will have the advantage of reaching all the sights on foot in few minutes, to enjoy the charm of a historic building but with all the comfort you could wish when you are traveling.

The location of the b&b Palermo Panormus is perfect because is near the central station and the near the bus stop, for this reason you can reach the other destinations without using the car, also is easy come here from the port or from the airport because the bus stop is very close. the b&b Palermo philosophy provides a touch more human, more time to devote to the care of the guests and therefore more attention and more information about the city. The decision to open a b&b in Palermo born from the desire for knowledge of the world; I consider a privilege to travel remaining in my city

welcoming the most different cultures: this is why I work with passion and enthusiasm. In the b&b Panormus also we devote a lot of care at the breakfast time, you will find here fresh cake, fragrant bread and excellent croissants, Nutella, jam, honey, butter, hot and cold milk, coffee, 100% fruit juice and biscuits or you can choose the savory breakfast: cheese, ham, salami, hard boiled egg. Breakfast is also served at any time, giving you the ability to better manage your days, whether you come for business or tourism.

The accommodation at Panormus is also suitable for those who are also looking for the nature as well as the monuments; as a matter of fact starting from here you will easily be able to reach by car or by bus the beach of Mondello (14 km from here) and the Capogallo nature reserve (19 km from here), which offers a very clean sea and a luxuriant mountain with an amazing sight at the same time The accommodation in bed and breakfast is more and more required and it represents the present and the future of an aware tourism, which really wishes to get in touch with the culture of the place and wants to fully understand it. In the bed and breakfast Panormus, you will find the friendly atmosphere of a b&b and a good quality-price ratio. Every day I'll inform you about monuments, museums, concerts, typical restaurants.

The bed and breakfast in Palermo Panormus is therefore suitable both for the younger people, who look for a comfortable but not too expensive accommodation in Palermo, and the middle-aged people, who look for a peaceful and comfortable place where they can be carefully guided to discover the wonders that our marvelous city offers. If you love the hearty and informal atmosphere of a b&b, but you are at the same time looking for the kindness and the services of a three-star bed and breakfast, then Panormus is the right place for you. When I thought about this bed & breakfast in Palermo, I wished to recreate the original liberty style of 1920's (the bed and breakfast is located in a beautiful historic palace with high roofs and decorated floors). I have reproduced the furniture and colors of that period and I have restructured the house respecting the historic charme of the place.

The Breakfast

We follow carefully the personal tastes of the individual guests, for this reason we give the possibility to choose between two types of breakfast

Italian Breakfast
Croissant and homemade cake, bread, biscuits, cereals, milk, yogurt (white and with fruit), coffee, tea, fruit
juice (pineapple, orange), honey, nutella, jam, butter, fruit.

Savory Breakfast
Hard boiled egg, Cheese, ham, salami, bread, cereals, milk, yogurt(white and with fruit), coffee, tea, fruit
juice (pineapple, orange) butter, fruit; even if you'll choose the savory breakfast  we'll give you in addition biscuits, honey, nutella, jam.

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